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Of Course We're a Hot Mess....

Welcome! Mom's Against White Baseball Pants is a delightful and humorous community where baseball moms can connect and share their experiences. This group serves as a fun, supportive space for moms OR dads dealing with the challenges of keeping white baseball pants clean (which we love) while also juggling the hectic schedules of travel baseball season. Members can exchange quick and easy recipes perfect for those busy nights spent shuttling between practices and games, share amusing and relatable stories, and support each other. Additionally, the group provides a platform to shop for favorite items that help make the travel baseball season more manageable. It's a wonderful resource for moms looking to combine camaraderie with practical advice. Enjoy checking out the site!


My Inspiration 

Moms Against White Baseball Pants was born when myself and a group of other baseball moms started a chat on Facebook messenger called 'Baller Moms.' We share humorous reels and TikToks along with updates about fundraisers and other life events. It has brought us closer as moms and team supporters. I've wanted to start something that would provide an online space for all moms to meet and talk about similar experiences as well as post videos and pictures. I'm always looking for products to make my life easier at the ballpark. And if your kid is like mine, you're constantly searching for the next trendy bat or sunglasses. So here we are! Take some time to explore and check out the blog. See for yourself what makes this site so special. I am certainly excited about meeting other baseball moms!

Strike Zone Storefront 

Welcome! If you're looking for high-quality apparel, accessories, and equipment for moms and baseball players, you've come to the right place! We've got a wide selection of products from top brands, available through Amazon and other great companies. Whether you're looking for comfy apparel, practical accessories, or top-notch equipment, we've got everything you need to succeed in the field. So let's gear up and knock it out of the park together!


Welcome to Moms Against White Baseball Pants

Rather than make this a long, drawn-out post that I've spent too much time overthinking I'll make this first post short and sweet. (You will learn that it's difficult for me to make things short and sweet)

I started this page for Mom's to gather and talk about daily life. Sometimes we need a shoulder to lean on and someone to just understand us when life gets tough. I started a non-profit athletic club, Heat Athletics, in January 2023. I live in an area where there's not a lot of travel teams. Another parent and myself got together and decided to start the process of developing a program that would allow all kids to play. That alone takes up a lot of my time. We have a boys' baseball team and now a girls' softball team. (Both travel teams) We plan to add club soccer this fall. With all of this, I also work a full-time job. My son is 13u baseball with my organization as well as another competitive league. Add football and trap team and I feel like sometimes we visit our home. My car has become my primary home since we are in it so much.

I gave fair warning that I like to talk a lot and have a hard time making things short and sweet. I've had the idea to create a site for sports moms for quite some time. I thought it was finally time to bring the idea to fruition and here we are. I'm so excited to meet all you beautiful mamas and share stories! I'll share a few pictures of my kiddos team.

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